About Us

UVP Services Pty Ltd is a leading specialist in ultra violet disinfection and contamination control. Our expertise lies in the consultancy, sales and service of UV equipment and our experienced staff can assist in choosing the right product for your application. We are a proudly owned & operated South Australian company with 20 years’ experience in the UV Industry. We offer complete sales & maintenance of:

  • UVA, UVB, UBC & ozone lamps
  • UV water purification systems
  • I-zap electric bug zappers
  • I-trap electric bug trappers
  • Cool room UV lamps & fittings
  • Shatter proofed blacklights & fluoro lamps
  • Oxira & Ultra Zone UV air purifiers

The combined range of UV products has wide applications in food processing and manufacture, aged care, supermarkets, aquaculture, commercial and residential applications, to name just a few. And don’t worry about trying to locate us because “WE COME TO YOU” (Throughout all of South Australia, Western Victoria and Sunraysia areas) Simply give us a call,

Kind Regards
UVP Services Pty Ltd
Paul Ellul.